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Custom Shade

Perfect Smile Dental Ceramics, Inc uses several techniques, along with digital photography in order to obtain accurate shades. The systems used are equipped to display images at a color temperature that duplicates that of natural daylight.

Traditional Custom Shade Matching

X-Rite Shade Vision:

In addition to traditional shade matching techniques, we utilize the computer-based X-Rite Shade Vision System. This system ensures consistently accurate shade matching especially value, hue and chroma. The result is a perfectly matched crown with superior esthetics.

Vident Easy Shade:

The Vita Easyshade is a digital spectrophotometer which matches teeth to Vita 3D-Master and VITA Classical shades. For all Custom Shades we require the patient or office to make an appointment to come to the lab. An additional fee for this service is billed to the doctors’ office for patient. Please call the lab if you have any questions.

Custom Shade: List
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