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Meet The Team

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Jurek Kedzierski, MDT

Founder & CEO

Jurek Kedzierski, MDT, CEO, is the founder of Perfect Smile Dental Ceramics Inc., based in San Diego, CA, a high-tech dental lab where he and his staff create the country’s most beautiful aesthetic dental restorations. Perfect Smile is complete with state of the art operatory room, milling center, and with the help of his highly qualified technicians, Jurek has provided cosmetic dentistry with exceptionally consistent work and the highest quality results. Jurek, a second generation Master of Dental Technology, attended the Institute of Dental Technology in Poland and graduated in 1985. After graduating, he furthered his education in Germany. While there, he took an array of advanced courses in aesthetics and implants. He also later owned and operated his own dental lab in Manchester, England, where he continued to sharpen his skills in the great tradition of European craftsmanship. He has also been instrumental in directing the Research and Development department.

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