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Surgical Guides

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Tooth Supported Guide

A tooth-supported surgical guide’s position should be checked on the model and on the patient’s teeth. This is why it’s extremely important to make sure an up-to-date model is used for fabricating the surgical guide. If conventional impression material is used, check that the impression hasn’t become deformed in any way. Sometimes the patient’s teeth may not provide sufficient support, and it may be necessary to make an index to properly stabilize the tooth-supported surgical guide.

Tissue Supported Guide

A tissue-supported surgical guide should be checked on the patient’s soft tissue and will have been designed to have a unique position that makes it easy to place. To stabilize the mucosa-supported surgical guide during fixation, it is best to make a surgical index. Ensure that the surgical guide is correctly positioned and properly fitted onto the mucosa while the patient’s jaws are in centric relation.

Bone Supported Guide

A bone-supported surgical guide’s position should be checked on the digital bone model delivered with the surgical guide. Make sure the surgical guide is in the correct location relative to other important anatomical structures and to any remaining teeth.

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