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Perfect Solid Zirconia with a Cutback

Zirconia’s strength meets the esthetics of conventional porcelain on our Perfect Solid Zirconia with a Cutback. We mill a standard full-contour zirconia crown, then reduce the facial region to allow our ceramists to add a layer of porcelain. The result is a more lifelike restoration than conventional zirconia.



  • Chip proof, as it is made of layered Zirconia with a porcelain overlay


Shoulder preparation not needed, feather edge is okay. It is a conservative preparation similar to full-cast gold, so any preparation with at least 0.5 mm of occlusal space is accepted. Minimum occlusal reduction of 0.5 mm; 1 mm is ideal.

Adjustments and polishing: Adjust FCZ crowns and bridges using water and air spray to keep the restoration cool and to avoid micro-fractures with a fine grit diamond. If using air only, use the lightest touch possible when making adjustments. A football shaped bur is the most effective for occlusal and lingual surfaces (on anterior teeth); a tapered bur is the ideal choice for buccal and lingual surfaces. Polish FCZ restorations with the porcelain polishing system of your choice.


  • Resin Ionomer cement (RelyX or RelyX Unicem, 3M ESPE)

  • Maxcem Elite (Kerr)

  • Panavia F 2.0 (Kuraray) -ideal for short, tapered preparations

  • Glass ionomer cement (GC Fuji, GC America)


  • D2740 Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate

  • D6245 Pontic Porcelain/Ceramic

  • D6740 Abutment Crown Porcelain/Ceramic

Perfect Solid Zirconia With A Cutback: List
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